The Magic of Two

Right from the beginning, E + K's energy was contagious. From their giddy smiles, to the way they looked at each other. The bugs were biting right an left but that did not stop the love from pouring out. Each couple I meet always has their own unique story, and theirs' was no different. And at the end of the day, it all comes down to one universal feeling: connection. The defining qualities of what that entails varies from person to person, each relationship, and every dynamic; and can be as constant or as ever changing as one desires.

I am a believer that everything that comes our way is a lesson or a blessing, and the people in our lives are no different. The way that E + K looked at each other, you knew immediately that they were put in their lives for a reason. That is what I think is so special in a partnership. The strengths and weaknesses that we are given may be one persons downfall and another's aptitude.

"Where there is darkness there is always light. In the light there is always hope. In hope there is always love."